Electric pulley bed

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Adjustable Pulley with wooden sides - with wheels & brakes! Lifting the back and legs to control, to break the knees (hoist), improve blood flow to the legs, but simultaneously, with a slight elevation of the legs, prevents rolling the patient down when it is lifted back! Lifting the whole of the bed height to control for easy access from the patient, and for easy care, no longer bend! With control of both tilting head & feet! Set the control variable angle of frame (great for avoiding pressure sores - suctioning, etc.) is the control box (locking with special magnetic key) to avoid injury to the patient from unnecessary use! Hospital - Home Care with excellent appearance for better aesthetics of the space and functionality of the patient! Frame with Anatomic - Orthopedic Enhanced Skeletal! EXTRA cushion for the prevention and avoidance against Decubitus! Mattress Foam - Latex - Viscoelastic various sizes, depending on the use and the weight of the patient. Racks to hold triangular handle and adjustable in height. Coffee table with wheels adjustable in height and inclination, for the food tables, etc. onto the bed, adjustable tilt and pull in for lunch, etc. Special Arch bed, for burns and special operations that require air and generally not to touch sheets and blankets to the patient. Stat serum or fixed wheel with adjustable height. Construction of a new type of assembly and disassembly of the bed, divided into 4 parts without tools for easy and quick storage or transport.

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