Oxygen Concentrator MobiakCare Irene

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The new model of condenser MobiakCare comes to bridge the gap between large and reputable, but the small problems but with oxygen concentrators. Our Technical Department MobiakCare recommended changes & improvements in all mechanical and electronic components of the device resulting in a small condenser which combines the elegance of the small size of the reliability of large capacitors.


Large digital display with recording of the total operating time and the current time from the last launch.
Programmable auto-off after up to 24 hours.
Smart circuit diagnostics with audiovisual information and labeling of the problem while the digital display.
Large compressors with rolling 30% larger than competitive with the best quality and world famous bearings SKF.
Smart consumption control circuit which allows up to 20% in the current economy.


Flow from 1 to 5 lt / min.
Refrigerator air compressor.
Upgraded compressor bearings with SKF.
Consumption 350 Watt.
Oxygen concentration of 93 ± 3%.
Weight 21 lbs.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 39cm x 33,7 cm x 62cm
Certificates: CE, ISO13485
Instead Electronics / Ms European origin.
Noise Level 37dB.

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