Automatic Machine cuff pressure control

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Device control pressure cuff CPC, model 701
A new, compact, accurate instrument TRACOE from the Intensive Care Unit. The CPC is an electronic-pneumatic organ, which automatically maintains the pressure in the cuff of the endotracheal tube and tracheal tube, stable for an extended period.
The CPC is indicated for use in artificial respiration during anesthesia and intensive care units. Its purpose is to:
> Reduce the trauma of the trachea (pressure necrosis)
> Reduce the incidence of pneumonia due to aspiration
> Relieve anesthetists and nurses
The CPC is designed to prevent injury to the sensitive mucous membranes of the trachea, caused by the very high internal pressure of the endotracheal tube and the endotracheal tube. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure inside the cuff should not exceed 25 mbar for a long time.
Large function buttons protected by a thin film that covers the entire front. A digital display indicates the pressure at all times, as well as the battery charge level. It bears a hook on the back for mounting on the operating table, as well as an adjustable film rack for hanging in serum. Bring a plastic Luer-lock tip close to the side for connection to the endotracheal tube.

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