About our company

Efthimiou C.O. is a company that provides to its customers the most innovative and pioneering medical products since 2004. With the collaboration of experts, Efthimiou C.O. is focusing on the promotion of contemporary and revolutionary devices and latest technology in order to ensure the higher possible quality and the faster services to each patient.

Furthermore, the company's exclusive partnership with world-class brands, who have a leading role in research and production of devices and non-material, ensures the best possible support to its customers, with a natural consequence of effective treatment and the most efficient management of a large number of equipment.

Nowadays, our rapidly growing company plays a leading role in the Greek territory and in the field of key specialties such as Physiatry, Orthopedics, Neurology and Vascular Surgery, General Surgery and Neurosurgery.

Our vision is a network of shops in every major city in Greece.
With a full range of products for treatment and rehabilitation of people with serious health problems (hospital orthopedic products)
Our products offer wellness and anatomy support of musculoskeletal human body.
The combination of a good profit with simultaneously a sense of offering in humans are key elements on which we develop and implemen this vision.
After years of continuous growth, and due to inability of existing places to meet their growing needs, it was decided the expansion of our company at airport 62
Today the Company's operations have expanded to almost all areas related to Technical Support for Rehabilitation, such as:

The vision of our company

  • Cooperation with rehabilitation centers
  • Associations of people with disabilities
  • Medical rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Special treatment
  • Exclusive cooperation agreements
  • Exclusive representatives of external
  • Contracts with insurance funds
  • Up meetings with agencies and rehabilitation centers
  • Involvement of our technical consultants as speakers at conferences
  • Involvement of Efthimiou GP reports on rehabilitation
  • Presence of our technicians at international exhibitions
  • Advertising our presence in specialized magazines of space for people with disabilities
  • Advertising presence in the daily print media policy
  • Writing articles on technical topics sectoral journals
  • And recommendations from the ever-growing customer base

Report Adult Products Technical Support
Wheelchair all types
Decubitus pads
electric Beds
Breathe - Cranes, etc.)

1. Labs orthoses add full-mechanical equipment.
2. Accounting
3. secretariat
4. Dressing
5. warehouse
6. Parts Department
7. Department of repairs
8. Department of Child Support


The facilities of EFTHIMIOU - REHABILITATION TECHNOLOGY are placed in the highway of Larissa near the center and the (GENERAL HOSPITAL) with 100% easy access for the District, and all Thessaly. and car parking.


Our main goal is the expansion of our activities in other major cities of our country. Efthimiou C.O. is the only company in Greece that is involved in case studies of the Living Condition Rooms for people with disabilities, as well as in adjustments of Autonomy - Self Service - Accessibility - Prevention. We provide solutions that many groups of people with physical defects have an immediate need for.



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