Hospital bed with a handcrank

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Frame with reinforced mesh and electrostatic powder coating to prevent rust.

The dashboard removed easily with screws that are mounted in front of the head and feet (for the best viewing of our patient, if necessary).

The risers are chrome with paint to prevent rust from scratches and bumps.

The crank is functional and easy to use, to the edge of the handle spring wraps automatically.


Cushion to prevent and avoid anti Decubitus!
Mattress Foam - Latex - Viscoelastic various sizes, depending on the use and the weight of the patient.
Wheels (SET) 4aron pieces.
Side protection rails with retaining springs.
Racks to hold triangular handle and adjustable in height.
Coffee table with wheels adjustable in height and inclination for food etc.
Table for up to bed, adjustable tilt and pull in for lunch etc.
Special Arch bed, for burns and special operations that require air and generally not to touch the sheets and blankets to the patient.
Stat serum or fixed wheel with adjustable height.
Construction of a new type of assembly and disassembly of the bed, divided into three parts without tools for easy and quick storage or transport.

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