Wheelchair light type TREKINETIC Κ-2

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Conventional manual wheelchairs allowing for smooth motion in hard surfaces such as asphalt, marble, concrete or tile.

What happens if we decide to do a walk around the city with so impenetrable barriers or a trip to the countryside and move on surfaces such as a broken sidewalk or patio, stone, earth, grass, sand, gravel or snow?

The difficulties encountered by users of common wheelchairs and their companions are large and sometimes insurmountable, since the main disadvantage of all manual wheelchairs to date are the small front wheels of the "stumble" or sink in the above obstacles. Result: Exhaustive planning a move to other simple and often a frustrating ride or excursion because of lack of access to the desired destination, ie lowering the overall quality of life.

The TREKINETIC K-2 and GT-3 ALL TERRAIN, result of years of study of British engineers Formula 1, differ due to the innovative design compared to conventional manual wheelchairs: Large wheels with "bone" or "flat" tires 61 cm (24 ") a similar bike Mountain, cleverly placed on the front (instead of the back like all conventional manual wheelchair) and overcome obstacles more easily allowing traffic on rough roads and other off road surfaces such as stones, gravel , earth, sand or snow, while adjustable tool-free wheel angle (camber) and a smaller wheel is 32 cm (12,5 ") at the rear ensure excellent stability and reducing friction. (More on the ability to adjust camber angle are listed below in the relevant section ..)

The idea has been abandoned heavy frame and all components and wheels TREKINETIC K2 and GT-3 ALL TERRAIN is attached to a carbon fiber seat, which provides excellent comfort and support body to the user. The cleverly constructed, dynamic system 2 DYNABRAKE lever helps the user not only during braking and maneuvering speed! These also freeze the lever TREKINETIC K-2 and GT-3 ALL TERRAIN when stationary. The complete set of nitrogen gas shock absorbers for better shock absorption, which can make the ride on a dirt road or a stone path a rather fun experience!

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